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FM Link: Allseating's conference seating designed to make a lasting impression from all angles

June 23, 2014
As Canada-based seating manufacturer Allseating describes it, business is a meeting of the minds. The company's new Requisite line is a series of seating solutions that bring together creativity and economy, innovation and stability, and first and lasting impressions as an ideal solution for ...

Designer Pages: Mesh Lounging

November 8, 2013
Perfect for use in the boardroom or lobby, textile mesh armchairs and easy chairs are an attractive and functional option for the office. More flexible than traditional foam and leather options, textile mesh is lightweight, it comfortably moulds to your shape and also provides much needed aeration ...

MMQB: Allseating's You

October 14, 2013
Allseating's You chair continues to evolve and backs everywhere should be grateful. Not satisfied with successful high back and mid back versions, which were launched in 2009, the company is ready to launch a mesh version that does even more to help sit sufferers find a more comfortable way to work.