Sustainability Program

Allseating’s sustainability program is an extension of our Green Initiatives. The program incorporates the ANSI/BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard into the design and manufacture of our seating products. Allseating meets the BIFMA e3 Sustainable Furniture Standard initiatives for quantifying environmental effectiveness across the furniture industry, and has willingly provided a breakdown of the material composition and manufacturing processes for the products with the highest volume of sales in the following product categories: seating, tables & desks, and casegoods. 

The program introduces new practices and raises awareness of our impact on our environment.  This standard focuses furniture manufacturers’ attention on measuring and analyzing the sustainability of their usage of materials, energy and resources, and their byproduct.

The component parts of our seating products can be recycled at the facilities listed in the attached document. 

Sustainability Policies

Allseating has created a set of policies to govern our practices relating to the environment and sustainability. The Allseating Sustainability Policies can be found in this document.  Our green committee representative can be contacted at

Social Responsibility Report (GRI)

Allseating publishes sustainability and social responsibility report every year, the frame work of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The intent of publishing this report is to provide greater transparency to our stakeholders, to annually evaluate our performance on the subjects reported, and to provide guidance on our sustainability development.

End of Life Recovery Options  

The following documents provide end users with end of life recovery options (disassembly of our seating products and identity of recyclable components.)  Allseating’s legacy (discontinued) products also contain components that may be disassembled and recycled.  Refer to the List of Recycling Facilitiesfor a location near you.  Please contact your Customer Service Representative for more information.