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Over the past year, sitting has been declared “the new smoking”. Longer working hours, longer commutes and longer time spent in front of screens for entertainment, have led health experts to declare that the amount we sit is directly linked to increased obesity and workplace related health issues. 

That said, you can just as easily trash your body standing as you do sitting.  Standing may relieve your spine, but to alleviate muscle tension, you need to move around. That means that when you do sit, you're sitting on the right chair that's adjusted to your needs – and having a structured workflow that encourages 5 minutes of movement for every 50 minutes of sitting.

One of the most important parts of a healthy work environment is your chair. Unfortunately, what most people don’t know – and don’t take the time to learn – is how to adjust your chair so it fits you properly. Whether you’re going to be glued to your desk for the day – or gathering for a quick conference – we're sharing tips and insights for sitting fit and being at your best!


Take a stretch break: neck and shoulders

By: Iris Sokol

Iris Sokol demonstrates easy stretches for your neck and shoulders.

Take a stretch break: hips and legs

By: Iris Sokol

Iris Sokol demonstrates easy stretches for your hips and legs that you can quickly do at your desk.

Take a stretch break: arms and chest

By: Iris Sokol

Iris Sokol demonstrates some simple stretches for your arms and chest.

Have a seat with Iris Sokol

By: Iris Sokol

Whenever someone asks me what I do, I prepare for the blank stare of confusion when I say I am an Ergonomist. Rarely does someone know what that means yet what Ergonomists do is so important to...

How to Sit Fit

By: Iris Sokol

It is rare that someone thinks about sitting.  Sitting is something we just do. Our muscles have to work very hard to stay in the seated position, which can create muscular tension and aches and...