Have a seat with Iris Sokol

By Iris Sokol
Wed, 07/10/2013

Whenever someone asks me what I do, I prepare for the blank stare of confusion when I say I am an Ergonomist. Rarely does someone know what that means, yet what Ergonomists do is so important to the health and wellbeing of everyone who works and to the employers they work for.

The International Ergonomics Association defines ergonomics as: “the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other element of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods in order to optimize human wellbeing and overall system performance.”

It’s not surprising that I lose people with that explanation!

But simply put, an ergonomist studies the relationship between a worker and their environment to prevent unnecessary injuries in the workplace. I also like to refer to us as the “posture police”.

Because of my background in the health and wellness industry, I tend to expand the definition and applications of ergonomics beyond how people work and the equipment they use. I focus on the importance of educating people to use proper body mechanics and alignment while they work and giving them the tools they need to make changes to their work habits.

I’m pleased that Allseating has invited me to share my tips and experiences on this blog. The folks here understand as well as I do that even if you design the best equipment available, it won’t matter if people aren’t using it properly – and not following good body mechanics. You can have the most expensive chair on the market but you can still trash your body depending on how you “sit” in that chair. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experience – and I look forward to your feedback!

Iris Sokol

Iris is a certified ergonomist and health and wellness expert with over 30 years in the industry. To learn more, visit ergowellsolutions.com.