Exchange Modular Configuration


Check out Exchange Modular idea starters for the post COVID-19 world here.

Exchange Installation Guides can be found here.




Should you require a configuration that is not part of our 16 standard offerings, please follow these instructions:


1. CHECKLIST: Download and fill out the Exchange Custom Configuration checklist [file must be downloaded to activate the fillable fields]. All seations marked with an asterisk are mandatory fields, including the finish options.

2. SPECIFICATIONS: Provide the desired specifications and measurements by way of the following:
                                     a) Computer genearated or hand drawn sketch [scanned for ease of email]
                                     b) Draft rendering using 2D building blocks

3. COM or Graded-In: If the fabric is not an Allseating carded fabric [i.e. graded-in or COM], please ensure to include the manufacturer, pattern name and colorway, approval will be required.

4. CONFIGURATION REQUEST:  All requests for customization are to be emailed to Our Exchange Sales Support team will work with you to ensure the request is complete with all the necessary information.


Should you have any questions, kindly contact Sales Support 1-800-563-3502 or