Synergy: Affinity (F-SAFFIN)

Camira: Synergy

Grade: 6 Abrasion: 50,000 - 100,000 Reduced Env Impact: Yes Type: Wool Quick Ship: No Bleach Cleanable: No Manufacturer: Camira Pattern Type: Solid Protective Finish: No Protective Finish

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Cleaning Code: WS

No Repeat

Please note additional fabric is required if striped or patterned material is used and pattern matching is required. Please contact sales support to determine additional yardage and charges.

Colours in Pattern
Synergy: Accord (F-SACCOR)
Synergy: Affinity (F-SAFFIN)
Synergy: Accord (F-SAFFIX)
Synergy: Alike (F-SALIK)
Synergy: Amiable (F-SAMI)
Synergy: Append (F-SAPPEN)
Synergy: Apt (F-SAPT)
Synergy: Assemble (F-SASSE)
Synergy: Bond (F-SBOND)
Synergy: Bracket (F-SBRAC)
Synergy: Bridge (F-SBRID)
Synergy: Chain (F-SCHAIN)
Synergy: Chemistry (F-SCHEM)
Synergy: Co-operate (F-SCOOP)
Synergy: Collaborate (F-SCOLLAB)
Synergy: Collective (F-SCOLL)
Synergy: Combo (F-SCOMB)
Synergy: Comply (F-SCOMPL)
Synergy: Compose (F-SCOMPO)
Synergy: Compound (F-SCOMP)
Synergy: Congregate (F-SCONG)
Synergy: Contribution (F-SCONT)
Synergy: Cordial (F-SCORD)
Synergy: Couple (F-SCOUP)
Synergy: Engage (F-SENGAG)
Synergy: Family (F-SFAMI)
Synergy: Fate (F-SFATE)
Synergy: Fellowship (F-SFELLO)
Synergy: Frame (F-SFRAM)
Synergy: Gather (F-SGATH)
Synergy: Global (F-SGLOB)
Synergy: Group (F-SGROUP)
Synergy: Guild (F-SGUIL)
Synergy: Hook (F-SHOOK)
Synergy: Huddle (F-SHUDD)
Synergy: Integrate (F-SINTEG)
Synergy: Interfuse (F-SINTER)
Synergy: Intertwine (F-INTERW)
Synergy: Kinship (F-SKIN)
Synergy: Lateral (F-SLATER)
Synergy: League (F-SLEAG)
Synergy: Level (F-SLEV)
Synergy: Likeness (F-SLIKEN)
Synergy: Linea (F-SLINE)
Synergy: Loop (F-SLOOP)
Synergy: Marry (F-SMARR)
Synergy: Medley (F-SMEDL)
Synergy: Mix (F-SMIX)
Synergy: Mutual (F-SMUTU)
Synergy: Open (F-SOPEN)
Synergy: Order (F-SORD)
Synergy: Pact (F-SPACT)
Synergy: Pair (F-SPAIR)
Synergy: Partner (F-SPART)
Synergy: Process (F-SPROC)
Synergy: Regard (F-SREGA)
Synergy: Relate (F-SRELA)
Synergy: Seek (F-SSEEK)
Synergy: Serendipity (F-SSER)
Synergy: Share (F-SSHAR)
Synergy: Similar (F-SSIMI)
Synergy: Success (F-SSUCC)
Synergy: Summon (F-SSUMM)
Synergy: Support (F-SSUPP)
Synergy: Sync (F-SSYNC)
Synergy: Tag (F-STAG)
Synergy: Team (F-STEAM)
Synergy: Together (F-STOGE)
Synergy: Unity (F-SUNI)
Synergy: Values (F-SVALU)
Synergy: Venture (F-SVEN)
Synergy: Warmth (F-SWARM)
Synergy: Wed (F-SWED)
Synergy: Work (F-SWORK)