Allseating Collaborates with Todd Yetman on New “Resimercial” Sofa

June 3, 2019

Allseating Collaborates with Todd Yetman on New “Resimercial” Sofa

Watson blurs the lines between residential and commercial settings


Chicago, IL — June 2019 — Designed for situations where modularity is not a priority, but beauty is, Industrial Designer Todd Yetman’s newest design, a ‘resimercial’ style sofa, features traditional craftsmanship and classic beauty. Watson is a balance between residential comforts and commercial style —comfortable enough to feel like home, but with a modern aesthetic that brings inspiration into the workplace.


Yetman designed Watson with his signature award-winning style, to be a simply-engineered piece, naturally fitting into today’s open-concept floor plan. The collection’s aesthetic pulls from Scandinavian design with biophilic elements such as wooden accents and soothing colors inspired by nature. Each piece has elegantly tailored piping and stitching, allowing for single, dual or triple tone upholstery, and the collection’s tapered legs support a plush, pillowed seat - creating cloud-like comfort.


“During the design process, we recognized that anything resimercial should still feel edgy and industrial in order to act as an inspirational piece in the workplace,” says Chris Binnendyk, President of Allseating. “While still maintaining and exhibiting the traditional craftsmanship that ensures maximized, lasting comfort for the user.”

Watson can be specified in couch and bench variations, at single, double and triple widths, allowing it to fit into various settings including lobbies, lounges, collaborative areas and private offices. The legs of the collection are available in aluminum or in light, medium, or dark wood for a clean, sophisticated look.


In addition to Watson, Allseating will also be featuring product previews at NeoCon such as Todd Yetman’s new task chair, Innate; Mantra by Industrial Designer, Nita Chakravarty; Nick Gillissie’s Exchange Phase 3; and Carl Gustav Magnusson’s third collaboration with Allseating, Prata. The brand will also be previewing Emanuela Frattini Magnusson’s new fabric collection that features geometric shapes and pops of color.