Allseating’s 2021 NeoCon Showroom Will Unveil Three New Collections

October 1, 2021


Allseating’s 2021 NeoCon Showroom Will Unveil Three New Collections

The new collections — Watson, Eighty Two, and Rühe — will be on display for the first time


Toronto, ON — October 2021 — Allseating is gearing up for the highly anticipated NeoCon 2021, where the brand will showcase three new collections — Watson, Eighty Two, and Rühe. The updated showroom will feature these products, alongside Allseating’s recently launched Prata and L1, and fan favorites You, Levo, Exchange, Foster, and Tuck. Attendees can expect to experience new, versatile designs that have yet to hit the market. 

The three new collections, yet to be released, include: 


Watson: A new collection designed in collaboration with Todd Yetman, Watson is a ‘resimercial’ style sofa that features traditional craftsmanship and classic beauty. Achieving a balance between residential comforts and commercial style, Watson has the look and feel of a sofa you would find at home and features durable, modern construction that brings purpose into the workplace. The sofa features a tuxedo-style outer shell, creating a formal ambiance that contrasts with a relaxed and inviting feel when sitting. Fitting naturally into an array of casual and formal spaces like lobbies, offices, lounges, collaborative areas, and more, Watson makes an excellent first impression. The collection includes a sofa, club, love seat, and bench, allowing it to fit into virtually any space. 


Eighty Two: To pay homage to Allseating’s 40th anniversary, this task chair was envisioned by the company’s CEO and founder, Gary Neil, with the intention of celebrating the core values on which Allseating was built: stylish, intuitive, and affordable design. Eighty Two offers an array of customizable options, while also boasting a modern aesthetic that is astounding for its low cost. Eighty Two’s combination of intelligent design and cost-effective engineering has it poised to hit the market with an impeccable value statement, proving that innovative design should be accessible to everyone and that 40 years later, Allseating continues to uphold this mandate.


Rühe: Rühe is a minimalist, understated, multi-range series that suits a wide range of public settings, including hospitals, airports, corporate waiting areas, and educational environments. Imagined by industrial designer Mike Shields, the Rühe family is comprised of guest seating (single, double, and triple), patient seating (single, rocker, and easy access) as well as lounge (single, double, and triple), tandem seating, and tables. Guest seating allows for the option of standard seat size, plus or love seat to accommodate a broader range of body types. Rühe’s soft and residential ambiance adds levity to any space, while its light-scale, modest design and multiple seat sizes allow it to fit well with a variety of other products or environments. As calming and restful as its namesake, Rühe emphasizes user wellness while adding leisure and comfort to a wide range of settings.




For 40 years, Allseating has been a leader in the design and development of solutions that adjust to the needs of customers in the office, educational, hospitality and healthcare industries. Our 100,000 square foot facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is home to our broad line of seating solutions. Whether it’s through innovative designs or comprehensive service programs, we’re always working at making people feel comfortable and productive.


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Todd Yetman Is a GOOD DESIGN Award winner and long-time collaborator with Allseating. Known for putting fit-and-finish first and designing products that are aesthetically clean, poetically beautiful, and classic, Yetman is the founder of Toronto-based industrial design and engineering firm Yetman & Co. 



Mike Shields is an industrial designer with over 40 years of experience creating seating, case goods, tables, and panel systems for office and healthcare environments. After leading in-house design and development teams for several manufacturers, Shields has been winning awards for innovative designs through his own independent design consultancy since 2001. Shields prefers to improve the way a product works or is manufactured rather than providing “aesthetic only” solutions. His belief: form truly does follow function.


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