Allseating’s New ‘Intrinsic’ Task Chair Previewed at NeoCon 2019

June 3, 2019

Allseating’s New ‘Intrinsic’ Task Chair Previewed at NeoCon 2019

Innate naturally fits to the end user’s body for lasting comfort and classic design in the workplace


Chicago, IL — June 2019 —  Innate is the latest fully upholstered ergonomic task chair by Allseating, in collaboration with industrial designer Todd Yetman. Innate, meaning “intrinsic or inborn,” speaks to the intuitive and integrated design of the product and its ergonomic, yet aesthetically clean consideration.

Featuring a proprietary design typical of Yetman’s classic award-winning style, Innate was thoughtfully crafted for optimal comfort that cradles the sit-bones and keeps the user relaxed but focused. The chair adjusts to a wide range of body types through instinctive and easily accessible adjustments, which are hidden in its fully-integrated core. For further flexibility, the chair’s arms move in multiple directions needed by the end user, including up, down, inwards, outwards and along the side of the chair. Simple and versatile, Innate is an efficient seating solution for touchdown spaces and unassigned workstations.

“Today’s workplace requires accessible task offerings that do not compromise on design and engineering,” says Chris Binnendyk, President of Allseating. “This is exactly what we were seeking to accomplish with Innate;  an approachable, classic, ergonomic solution.”


Innate will be available as fully upholstered and in three finishes, Onyx, Smoke and Birch, all complementing  the simple aesthetic and clean lines.


In addition to Innate, Allseating will also be featuring product previews at NeoCon from Todd Yetman’s new resimercial seating collection, Watson; Mantra by Industrial Designer, Nita Chakravarty; Nick Gillissie’s Exchange Phase 3; and Carl Gustav Magnusson’s third collaboration with Allseating, Prata. The brand will also be previewing Emanuela Frattini Magnusson’s new fabric collection that features geometric shapes and pops of color.