24 | Synchro Tilt

Task applications which require extensive adjustability. Suitable for chairs with independent seat and back construction. Synchronized tilting action allows user's feet to remain on the floor as they tilt backwards.

Seat Height Adjustment

For desired seat height use the lever under the right side of the seat. To raise the seat, lift the lever up while taking your weight off the chair. To lower the seat, stay seated and lift the lever. Release the lever when you reach the desired height.

Seat Depth Adjustment (Optional)

The integrated seat slider control is naturally accessible under the right side of the seat. Push the button in and slide to the desired position. Release to lock the seat in place.

Tension Control

For tension, adjust by turning tension knob clockwise to tighten and counterclockwise to loosen.

Tilt Lock

To lock the recline of the backrest, lean back to the desired position, push the tilt lock lever down to lock in place. To release, pull the lever up to unlock.