A fully adjustable orthopaedic back support system engineered for the human spine.

Seat Back Adjustment

Sit back on the Therapod and raise or lower back height (if available on control choice) so that lumbar area hugs back. Determine where you feel you are not getting even pressure on your back.

Strap Tension Adjustment

While you are sitting in the chair, have someone unzip the back cover and adjust the elastic straps for you. Straps may be tightened or loosened to obtain precise spinal support. To tighten, pull out on the strap and then across and attach to velcro. Lift off the velcro and release to loosen. If you feel you want more pressure, pull the strap tighter in that area. If there is too much pressure in that area try the following: 1) loosen the strap in that area or; 2) tighten the strap above and/or below the area

Replacement Straps

1. Unzip the back. D-rings should be on right side. 2. Cut the D-ring off of the broken strap. 3. Attach the side with the white tape of the new strap to the side with the D-ring of the old strap with a staple. 4. Pull the side with the white tape of the old strap off of the plastic shell. By pulling on the old strap, the new strap will feed itself through the back shell. 5. Once the new strap has fed through, remove the staple and stick the white taped side of the new strap to plastic shell. (This is done by removing the white paper backing off of the tape). 6. Adjust the strap to the desired position and affix to the velcro