Since 1990, Houston’s Legacy Community Health has provided excellence in adult primary care, pediatrics, dental care, vision services, behavioral health services, OB/GYN and maternity, community outreach, nutrition and much more. However, by 2019, Legacy Community Health’s location in the lower-income area of Gulfton had surpassed its capacity to comfortably house patients and staff. The patient populations of each offered service, including over 300 pregnant patients a day, were all battling for space within the 14,000 square-foot campus.

As Gulfton is one of Houston’s most diverse communities, Legacy Community Health needed to rethink their space while reflecting, and celebrating the over 50 languages, and 80 home countries of the patients they service every day. Overall, Legacy Community Health wanted to offer their community a comfortable, professional and high-end facility to visit for their healthcare needs, reflective of the quality of care and respect they deserve.

In April of 2019, representatives from Legacy Community Health along with design firm Perkins and Will and Staples, the dealer, visited Allseating’s head office, toured the manufacturing facility and met personally with designer of Exchange, Nick Gillissie. Observing the care and commitment Allseating puts into all of our products from conception to production, and hearing from the designer first hand, reflected what Legacy Community Health aimed to do with the spaces and community they serve. After exploring their options, Legacy and Allseating concluded that the Exchange series, especially the Exchange Work Pods, were the optimal solution to their space and configuration needs.

Given their small space footprint, Exchange Work Pods provide private, yet highly space-efficient “rooms” for Doctors to meet and consult with patients, especially in the absence of an exam room. In these compact, yet comfortable and welcoming spaces, doctors are able to accommodate a variety of patient needs, and best of all—Exchange Work Pods can be easily configured and reconfigured should space needs change in the future. With superior quality, flexibility and affordability — the Exchange family of options were the perfect solution—and have revolutionized the way the space, and the professionals within it, function.

Before finalizing the order, Legacy Community Health also added Foster Benches as they were the perfect complimentary product for additional seating in waiting areas and in-between spaces. Allseating was so Inspired by the incredible work and community outreach of Legacy Community Health, we donated Jif’s to the clinic. To pay tribute to the creativity and cultures of Legacy Community Health’s patients, the Jif and Foster vinyl was custom printed with real artwork from the children in the community—a constant, colorful reminder of the community that thrives with proper medical care and a first-rate facility to service them.

Allseating stood out to Legacy Community Health as an under-one-roof solution, able to provide superior products as a one-stop-shop for all seating needs. Allseating is proud to do even a small part in assisting the healthcare professionals at Legacy Community Health, and thrilled to see a space entirely renewed with thoughtfully chosen and configured seating solutions.

Download the case study here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/219vv1re8aeatle/LegacyHealth%20Nov%2017%202020...