Seating that adds up to good value

One of America’s top accounting firms, ParenteBeard boasts a dedicated staff that is often glued to their desks for extended periods of time. So when it came to finding the right chair for the right place, they chose Allseating’s Inertia Upholstered Task chairs to deliver good ergonomic support for a good price.

Both Upholstered and Mesh back Inertia Task chairs feature sleek lines that create a modern workplace aesthetic. The clean design and simple ergonomic support enabled ParenteBeard to create a “Grade A” working environment for staff and project a confident image to the firm’s visitors and clients.

ParenteBeard was equally impressed with Allseating’s warranty. A ten-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty assured ParenteBeard that their investment in seating would pay off over the long run




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Inertia Upholstered Task; Inertia Mesh Task


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