Inertia seating the logical choice for busy logistics company

When PLS, one of America’s leading providers of logistics services, decided to redesign their office space, the firm knew it wanted to create an open, collaborative workspace that let the natural light shine in and encouraged communication. To complement the design, PLS specified Inertia Mesh Task.

Inertia Mesh Task chairs were selected because they provided PLS with an ergonomic solution but at an accessible price-point. Because most PLS employees spend the better part of their day at their desk working on a computer, it was critical that their seating provided easy adjustment and support throughout the day.

To ensure that they made the right choice, the PLS team were invited to evaluate each chair presented. The choice for this logistics team was logical: based on overall look and feel, Inertia Mesh was the resounding winner.




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Inertia Mesh Task;
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Design Firm:

SMC Consulting, LLC