New Jersey

The following information is for state agencies in New Jersey and other approved buyers under that contract. All the necessary information for Allseating products can be found on this page.


Contract Number: A81607
Effective Dates:  August 1, 2018 – July 31, 2019




Vendor:     Allseating Corporation

5800 Avebury Road, Unit 3
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5R 3M3

Telephone:     905.502.7200
Toll Free:     1.800.563.3502
Fax:     1.800.272.9911

Remit Address:    
5800 Avebury Road, Unit 3
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5R 3M3


Includes all executive and profession seating, lounge, waiting room, office seating (including task, ergonomic task and multi-shift seating, multipurpose seating, conference seating, training chairs, side chairs, stacking chairs, wood seating, single and multiple seating units, sofas and loveseats.

Allseating products included in the 2018 Combined Commercial and GSA Price Book are approved for purchase under this contract.

Contract specific items were bid as “ergonomic task” under the classifications listed below.  NOTE:  mesh back chairs were not considered in the ergonomic category.


Class 1 -          Allseating Presto Model – 52090-AT

                        Allseating Chiroform Ultra Model – 96080-T2-AWK-SS

Class 2 -          Allseating Presto Model – 52190-AT

                        Allseating Chiroform Ultra Model – 96180-T2-AWK-SS

Class 3 -          Allseating Presto 24/7 Model – 52011-AT-SS

                        Allseating Chiroform Ultra 24/7 Model – 97011-T2-AWK-SS


State agencies make orders directly to Allseating Corporation c/o Dealer Name.  The order will be linked internally to the specifying dealer.  Commissions will be rebated back to the dealer at the end of the month following shipment.  Allseating will manage all reporting requirements under this contract.

Direct Inquiry to:

Bill Gross
New Jersey
Telephone:     917.783.4396


Deirdre Tevlin
Northern New Jersey
Telephone:     201.401-2357


Contract Information and Order Support:

Cindy Lawton-Moreby


Regional Sales Director
Telephone:     416.671.5694




Catalog:  Allseating 2018 Combined Commercial + GSA Price List


Drop Shipment (Platform) Delivery – 60% off list price

Spotted Delivery – 45% off list price


Spotted Delivery – a delivery made to a specific area within a building, as designated by the Using Agency.  At the request of the Using Agency it shall also include putting in place, assembly, installation, making ready for use and removal of debris.



Catalog:  Allseating 2018 Combined Commercial + GSA Price List




Download Allseating's Warranty and Condition of Sale Policy.

To submit a claim, please click on the Resources tab and select "Submit a Claim".

Questions or inquiries can be direct to or toll free at 1(800) 563-3502.


The following information will need to be provided:

Work order number off the sticker on the bottom of the chair
Complete details of the repair required
Photo’s of damaged components



Dealer will be paid a commission at the end of the month following shipment for all NJ State Contract sales.  Purchases order to Allseating must indicate State pricing.  Dealer commission cannot be deducted from the purchase order.

     60% Discount (Drop Ship)                Dealer commission is 10% of net price

     45% Discount (Spotted Delivery)      Dealer commission is 33% of net price

     SPIFF                                                Standard GSA SPIFF rate applies.


SPIFF form must be completed and sent within 9- days of order submission   

Only authorized Allseating dealers may be utilized in support of the New Jersey State Contract.  Allseating may add new dealers within the New Jersey market at any time.  Any dealer interested in representing Allseating may contract their local Allseating Sales Representative with a complete address, contact information and a copy of a completed W9.


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