Inherently ergonomic and intuitively adjustable, Innate lives up to its namesake by providing intrinsic and superior all-day comfort. Innate's ergonomic-focused design and affordable price point create the perfect match, resulting in a chair that is both functional and accessible for all working environments.

Prices effective November 1, 2022.

Fuel Surcharge of 6% of net value on all orders effective May 1, 2022.

Indoor Air Quality Certified


Innate is a fully upholstered midback chair available in both Black and Birch frame finishes and can be customized in countless upholstery options. An encapsulated lumbar with 4" of height adjustability uniquely engages the flexible webbing straps located in the core of the chair's back. Both the integrated lumbar and an integrated seat slider are included in the base price of the chair with no upcharge to the user. An optional pivoting headrest with 2.5" of height adjustability can also be specified.

Available with 2 mech options: Synchro Tilt or Weight Activated. The Synchro Tilt mech is paired with N2 2-directional arms capable of height and width adjustability. The Weight Activated mech is paired with N3 ergonomic arms that boast 60 degree rotational movement around the user, arm caps that pivot 245 degrees, and 3.75" of height adjustability.

Designed in collaboration with Todd Yetman.Yetman is a GOOD DESIGN Award winner and long-time collaborator with Allseating. Known for putting fit-and-finish first and designing products that are aesthetically clean, poetically beautiful and classic, Yetman is the founder of Toronto-based industrial design and engineering firm Yetman & Co.


Weight Activated Mechanism

Overall No Headrest:

37.5"-41.5" H | 26.75" W | 29" D

Overall With Headrest:

46.5"-50.5" H | 26.75" W | 29" D

Seat: 16.5"-20.25" H | 19.75" W | 18.5" D [Seat Pan] | 16.75"-18.75" D [From Lumbar]

Back: 20.5" H | 17.5" W

Synchro Tilt Mechanism

Overall No Headrest:

37.75"-41.75" H | 26.25" W | 29" D

Overall With Headrest:

46.75"-50.75" H | 26.25" W | 29" D

Seat: 16.75"-20.5" H | 19.75" W | 18.5" D [Seat Pan] | 16.75"-18.75" D [From Lumbar]

Back: 20.5" H | 17.5" W



200+ textiles to choose from
COM Seat and Back: 1.5 yards

COM Headrest: 0.25 yards


12 year comprehensive parts and labor, with weight limit of 350 lbs.