In today’s open, mobile workplace, needing a comfortable spot to gather for short meetings happens at a moment ’s notice. Jif can be arranged around a coffee table for breakout meetings or across from a sofa or bench to fill out a circle. At a workstation, the stool can be stored out of sight underneath a desk and pulled out when need.

Prices effective September 13, 2021.

Indoor Air Quality Certified
GSA Advantage

Jif is a modern stool designed in collaboration with Canadian designer Aaron Duke. Embracing simple, elementary shapes, Jif features a subtle waterfall edge that provides relief to the hamstring. Available with a still base or a sway base for gentle rocking or swiveling, which promotes active sitting by engaging the core, a key component of Allseating’s sit Fit™ product development philosophy.


Waterfall edge
Optional contrast stitching
Dual upholstery
Standard black handle
Still or Sway base


Overall: 17"H | 19.5"W


200+ textiles to choose from

COM Full – 2.5 yards

COM Upper – 0.75 yards

COM Lower – 2 yards


12 year comprehensive parts and labor, with weight limit of 350 lbs. Click here to view details.

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